Email Designer + Developer



Visual Designer + Developer, Email Zillow Group
November 2016 - Current

Design Consultant Salesforce
September 2015 - November 2016

Production Consultant Salesforce
January 2014 - September 2015


Core Skills HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Litmus Builder, Balsamiq

Additional Skills Sketch, Basic JavaScript, iOS and Android, InVision, InDesign, Quip, Testing and QA, Microsoft Office, Organized, Adaptable


Bachelor of Arts in Art, Option: Multimedia CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA

Associate of Science in Graphic Design Platt College, San Diego, CA

Additional studies at SFSU Extended Campus - Mobile Web UX/UI Design

My full resume can be downloaded here.


Email Design, Coding and Research

Newell Rubbermaid

Modular Email Framework

Fruit of the Loom

Modular Email Framework


Modular Email Framework

Angie's List

Modular Email Framework


Creative Campaign Design

Old Navy

Creative Campaign Concept


Modular Email Framework

Old Navy + Gap UK

Dynamically Coded Emails

Industry + Best Practices

Research and Presentations

Additional Projects

Though the following are not my area of focus, I believe the skills I gained
by participating in them has directly impacted my current work in a positive way.

Academy of Kung Fu

Information Design I Course Assignment

Graphic + Blog Designs

Older Designs


Interactive and Animation Projects


How did I end up in the email industry? Read on.

  • The Beginning

    By day, I was an Administrative Assistant. By night, I was a computer geek that spent just about every waking moment on the internet.

    After running across and starting to read personal blogs online I decided to start one myself. Though blogging was a lot of fun, I realized I didn't like any of the premade templates being offered and it bothered me to just accept what was being offered.

    That led me to try out Photoshop so I could put together some design ideas for my blog. I then realized someone had to actually code it up to make it work as an actual template, and thus I taught myself how to code.

  • Back to School

    After a few years of working and living in the Bay Area, I started to meet people who designed and coded websites for a living.

    I then realized, why just stop with design and code as a hobby? I love(d) it so much that I was designing and coding in my free time, why not make a career out of it too?

    I quit my job as an Administrative Assistant and went back to school for a formal education. I attended CSU East Bay and majored in Multimedia which included courses for web design and code.

  • A Serendiptis Meeting

    A few short months after graduating, I attended my husband's company holiday party. While mingling, I met one of his co-worker's significant others (say that three times fast) who happened to work at Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget).

    After asking me about my education, he mentioned that there was Production Consultant position open at ExactTarget that required skills very similar to mine and encouraged me to apply.

    A few weeks later, I was hired. Though the initial learning curve was difficult, with some on-the-job training my skills in front-end web development were translated into email development. The unique challenges of email were incredibly satisfying to learn and my love for email was born.

  • Email Design + Code

    After a year and some change of coding for email, I realized that I was starting to miss design. I loved the puzzle-like feel of the code process to bring a design to life, but I also loved the creativity of the design process. Doing both always felt so satisfying.

    Fortunately, I learned about an internal Design Consultant position at Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The description was exactly what I was looking for: someone that enjoyed the combo of designing and coding for email. I worked a little over a year working with numerous amount of clients in various verticals.

    Now I work in the B2B space helping improve design and building reusable modular email systems in Marketo. I am still loving everything email!

  • I



Humbled and happy to receive praise for my work.


Me outside of the profressional world.


Blogging is what led to my love for design and code. I used to run a blog about geek fashion.

Traditional Art

I've loved art since I was a kid. I still dabble in drawing with pencil, ink and sometimes vector drawing.

Geek Stuff

I also love video games (anything BioWare or Bethesda), Star Wars, Sci-Fi, comics and I attend comic/pop culture conventions.

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